Prof. Thomas Ekamais Akuja, B.Sc, M.Sc,. PhD

Associate Professor of Dryland Agriculture

PhD (Ben Gurion University, Israel)
M.Sc. (Agronomy), University of Nairobi
B.Sc (Agriculture), University of Nairobi

Courses Taught
Principles of Crop Production
Principles of Weed Science
Post Harvest Technology
Soil-Water-Plant relations
Introduction to dryland agriculture
Improvement and development of the drylands

Post Graduate
Plant nutrition and Soil fertility
Environmental Management and Post Harvest Technology
Plant Science for Agrometeorology

Recent Publications
Grafted mangoes enhances smallholder farmers livelihoods in Matinyani Division, Kitui County

Refining Dryland Farming Systems as a Means of Enhancing Agrodiversity and Food Security in Eastern Kenya: A review

Agrobiodiversity in Food Security and Nutrition

Trends and current status of indigenous knowledge among the inhabitants of the Turkwel riverine in Kenya : IKS community development and resilience

Agronomic and morphological performance of sorghum (Sorghum bicolour l.) for the dry highlands of Kenya

Recent Conference papers
Effect of planting systems on the growth and yield of Bambara nut (Vigna subterranean l. verdic) intercropped with Maize (Zea mays l.); Paper presented during the proceedings of the “8th Agricultural Symposium” held in 13-16 July, 2015, Athens, Greece

On-going Research
Adaptability of pearl millet for food security in Arid and semi arid Areas of South Eastern Kenya
Evaluation of efficiency of nitrogen fixation by rhizobia species using different legumes under drought conditions in kitui

Factors affecting smallholder farmers' adoption of integrated soil fertility and water management practices in machakos county