Department of Environmental Science and Technology (EST)

The establishment of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at the South Eastern Kenya University is part of the fulfillment of making the institution’s major focus on natural resources and environmental management. The Department is mandated to prepare programmes of study geared towards the rational management and exploitation of natural resources and the environment for sustainable development with emphasis on national, regional and global environmental issues like global warming, climate change, water & air pollution, waste management, deforestation, soil erosion, etc.

1.1 Mission
To train and impart necessary knowledge and skills towards stewardship and sound natural resources management for sustainable development.

1.2 Objectives
(a)    To equip students with the necessary research and policy analysis competences so as to contribute to informed decision-making towards sustainable community livelihoods.
(b)    To generate the necessary knowledge on the impacts of development on the environment so as to encourage harmonious interactions between human and their environment.
(c)    To produce professionals and technocrats capable of spearheading sustainable development agenda by focusing on communities and the environment as critical national resources.

1.3 Programmes Offered
The department has started off by focusing on certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate diploma and degree programmes. Postgraduate diploma and certificate programmes lasting one year and 1-3 months, respectively, will be organized for people already engaged in environmental management activities.

The undergraduate programme is designed to produce graduates who are both professionally competent and marketable and who should also be capable of conducting further in-depth studies and/or research work at the same time appreciating the exigencies of the interactive physical, chemical, and biological  processes that regulate the total Earth System, the unique environment that it provides for life, the changes that are occurring in this system, and the manner in which the changes are influenced by human actions.

The courses currently offered at the Department are B. Sc. Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management and B.Sc. Environmental Management.


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