Prof ng'ang'a circleWelcome to the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). SEKU offers you opportunities aimed at providing you with an environment in which to grow and realize your full potential as well as the esteem and responsibility with which being a member of the University carries with it. Our location in a serene and quiet environment enables our students to study with the peace of mind required for success in their studies.

Our core mandate is to play a leading role in the development and expansion of opportunities for learning and research in Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences in arid and semi-arid lands.The Academic Division under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & Student Affairs) offers competitive academic programmes approved by Senate developed by well trained experts in the relevant fields bearing in mind current world trends in technology and globalization. The office of Dean of students will ensure that as a matter of policy, student welfare is always taken into consideration in all University operations.


To offer relevant, accessible, quality and market-driven academic programmes and services developed through innovative and creative research and community involvement that assist students in achieving their academic goals and preparing for career and life successes beyond the classroom.


To impart the highest possible academic and social values to our graduates, demonstrating professionalism, responsiveness, quality, accountability, expertise and excellence.


Quality and Excellence

Mandate of the Academic Division

  • All Academic matters : under the office of the Registrar (Academic Affairs)
  • Research and Innovation, Consultancy, Community Service/Extension, Technology Transfer and Linkages: under the Directorate of Research and Extension
  • Student Matters :under the Dean of Students
  • Collaboration

Functions of the Division

  • To provide guidelines on academic strategy and planning, educational policy and provisions.
  • To guide the University’s emerging trends in higher education nationally, regionally and globally.
  • To play a unifying role in supporting the University core business of teaching, learning and research.
  • To provide services to students, both prospective and current, in support of their student career.
  • To enhance and establish a procedure and examination execution that is effective in order to create a continuous evaluation system that is efficient, systematic and transparent.
  • To enhance the teaching, learning and research facilities in the lecture halls and laboratories with the latest infrastructure to create conducive teaching, learning and research h environment.
  • To provide student success through excellence in teaching and learning, innovation, discovery, creativity. Civic engagement, diversity and inclusiveness.
  • To direct constructive change in the delivery and implementation of academic programmes in response to the needs of the students and employers in the twenty first century.
  • To manage, administer and establish the student admission system to ensure that the University will be able to obtain excellent students in order to produce high quality and competitive graduates.
  • To manage the graduation process for the students who complete their studies successfully.
  • To oversee the overall administration
  • To coordinate the administration of the halls of residence including off-campus accommodation.
  • To co-ordinate all research activities in the University including the provision of potential research funding agencies and development of research proposals.
  • To facilitate establishment and sustaining of all collaborations with relevant partners.
  • To co-ordinate students’ union elections and register clubs and societies and monitor their activities.
  • To aid in student administration, guidance and academic support services.
  • To disseminate research results to the community and other end users.
  • Review, evaluate and recommend changes in the academic policies and programmes

Department of Educational Administration and Planning
Dr. Janet Mulwa, B. Ed. (Moi), M.Ed, Ph.D. (Nairobi), Dip. In Educ. Management (KEMI), Certificate in counseling (Nairobi)

Department of Educational Psychology
Dr. Peter Ogola, B.Ed. (Kenyatta), M.Ed. (Egerton), Ph.D. (Jaramogi Oginga Odinga)

Department of Educational Communication and Technology
Dr. Leonard M. Kamau, B.Ed. (Kenyatta), M.A (Central Michigan), Ph.D. (Syracuse)

Department Educational Foundations
Dr. Antony Njue, B.Ed. (Kenyatta), M.Ed. (Egerton), Ph.D. ( Chuka)

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Community Development
Dr. Eliud Wekesa, B.A. (Nairobi), M.Sc., Ph.D. (London School of Economics)

Department of Geography, History and Religious Studies
Dr. Redempta Kiilu, B.Ed, M.Ed., Ph. D. (Kenyatta)

Department of Linguistics, Languages and Literature
Dr. Lydiah W. Wangungu, B.Ed. (Egerton), M.A., Ph.D. (Kenyatta)

Department of Physical Sciences
Dr. Mugambi J. Linturi, B.Ed. (Sci.), M.Sc. (Kenyatta), Ph.D. (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany)

Department of Life Sciences
Dr. Mutemi Muthangya, B.Sc., M.Sc., (Nairobi), Ph.D. (Dar es Salaam)

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences
Dr. Wesley Kirui, B.Ed. (Kenyatta), M.Sc. (Nairobi), Ph.D. (Eldoret)

Department of Computer Science and Technology
Dr. Omala A. Anyembe, B.Ed. (Moi), Pg.Dip. (Maseno), M.Sc., (Osmania-India) Ph.D. (UESTC-China)

Department of Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Benjamin K. Muli, B.Sc. (Egerton), M.Sc. (JKUAT), Ph.D. (North-West University)

Department of Environmental Science and Land Resources Management
Dr. Charles K. Ndungu, B.Ed (Egerton), M.Sc., (Egerton), Ph.D. (U.H.F)

Department of Hydrology and Aquatic Sciences
Dr. Owuor M. Awuor, B.Ed. (Kenyatta), M.Sc. (The University of Plymouth, UK and University of Cadiz, Spain), MSc. (Kenyatta) Ph. D. (The University of Cadiz, Spain and University of Algarve, Portugal)

Department of Geology and Meteorology
Dr. Noah M. Kerandi, B.Sc. (Nairobi), M.Tech. (FUTA, Akure, Nigeria), Ph.D. (University of Augsburg, Germany)

Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Sedina B. Misango, BA (HR) (Kenyatta), MBA (Africa Nazarene), Ph.D. (Mount Kenya)

Department of Economics
Dr. Joseph Nzomoi, B.A. Econ (Nairobi), M.A. Econ (Nairobi), Ph.D. (Moi)

Department of Management Science
Dr. Peter Kamoni, B.PSCM, M.Proc. & Logistics, Ph.D. (JKUAT)

Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology
Dr. Josphat N. Gichure, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD. (Nairobi)

Department of Public Health
Mr. Andrew Kibiru, BPH. (JKUAT), HND. (KMTC), MPH. (Kenyatta)

Department of Nursing
Ms. Francisca M. Mwangangi, B.Sc., MPH. (Nairobi)

Department of Industrial and Textile Engineering
Dr. Rotich K. Gideon, B.Tech. (Moi), M. Sc. (Donghua, China), Ph. D. (Donghua, China)

Department of Agricultural Engineering
Dr. Hesbon Otieno, B.Sc. (Egerton), M.Sc.(Egerton), Ph.D. (Bristol)

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Hesbon Otieno, B.Sc. (Egerton), M.Sc.(Egerton), Ph.D. (Bristol)

Department of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Shamim Omar Nassar, BSc. Eng. (University of Botswana), MSc. Eng. (Stellenbosch University), Ph.D. (Stellenbosch University)

Department of Civil Engineering
Ms. Faith Muema. (JKUAT), MSc. (PAUSTI)