1.Submission of Documents.
a. Scan the following documents and convert to ONE PDF file and submit to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Joining Instructions
  2. KCSE result slip
  3. National Identity Card/Birth Certificate

b. Use the following URL: https://forms.gle/86G4PqzbB8sbQZBg6 to submit your details for registration assistance.

2. Creation of Student Portal Account
Follow the attached guidelines to a Student portal account
NOTE: Please ensure that you have paid full fees for Semester 1 before creating a student account.

3. Unit Registration.
Follow the attached guidelines to Register Units Online.

4. Booking Accommodation
NOTE: This mail is only applicable to the first years 2020/2021, who have not yet filled the online Hostel Booking Form.Please ensure that you have paid your Tuition and Accommodation fees via Bank Accounts or Mpesa Pay Bill Number before you fill the form. We shall confirm with the finance office your payment status.

If you already filled the form, kindly ignore this message.
https://forms.gle/s2LgBai26YJ2EVm89 s2LgBai26YJ2EVm89

5. Timetable
Access | Download the timetable here

Timetable | Unit Registration Guide