Call For Proposals For Computer Science / Information Systems Mini-Grants

KENET has as one of its mandates, the role of catalyzing collaboration in research and education among member universities and research institutions. KENET promotes collaboration through facilitation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in priority academic areas, discovery of active researchers/faculty, provision of research and education mini-grants to researchers and member institutions, as well as travel grants for faculty and/or graduate students in SIG areas.

This Call for Proposals for Computer Science/Information Systems mini-grants is intended to promote early stage CS/IS research and development in current and emerging research areas, as well as strengthen the CS/IS SIG. The mini-grants target early stage research, enabling researchers to undertake proof-of-concept work to support R&D ideas and concepts. It is envisioned that the mini-grants, which are ideally targeted at junior faculty, will position recipient researchers in good footing to further their research and expertise in these areas, and subsequently attract more research funding.

Through this mini-grant round of funding, KENET hopes to not only support individual research teams, but to facilitate institutional collaboration and formation of communities of practice in the research areas of focus, leading to enhanced research capacity in member institutions

Areas Of Focus

  1. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) and
  2. Big Data Analytics (BDA)


This call is open to computer science or information systems faculty (who are full-time) at any of the KENET member institutions. Applicants must be PhD holders, and must demonstrate active research interest

Submission Deadline: Concept notes with all supporting documentation should be done through the online submission portal: 27th April 2018, 5.00PM EAT.

For further enquiries on the call of proposals kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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