1. South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) now invites individual /groups of Students with registered firms to submit sealed applications for the operation of Tuck shops in the Main campus for the 2020 – 2021 financial year.
  2. Interested eligible candidates may inspect and download the Application documents.
  3. This offer is in line with the governments’ policy of offering the youth procurement and business opportunities.
  4. The documents are available free of charge and MUST only be obtained from the website link listed below and are not from any other administrative offices of the University.
  5. A single application is required per student/group of students.
  6. To be eligible, the applicant must prove that they qualify to participate in public procurement by providing all the documents as listed in the evaluation criteria under preliminary and mandatory requirements.
  7. The candidates will thereafter have to prove their competency by fully complying with the instructions as listed in the Evaluation criteria under detailed evaluation.
  8. The duly completed applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the respective required tuck shop and dropped in the tender/ Quotation Box in the procurement office. You are hereby requested to note that incorrectly addressed envelopes will not be opened.
  9. All the successful candidates will be appropriately notified through emails provided in the application and any other approved channels as directed by the University.
  10. South Eastern Kenya University reserves the right to authenticate information provided herein without reverting to the candidates.

Download Application documents