Dr. orekThe Alcohol & Drug Abuse (ADA) prevention unit was established through the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) Statutes. The unit is currently coordinated by Dr. Orek Charles who doubles up as the secretary to the ADA prevention committee appointed by the Vice Chancellor. The core mandate of the unit includes development, implementation, evaluation and review of the University Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy. The unit sensitizes SEKU Community (staff, students & alumni) on effects and prevention of alcohol drug and substance abuse, implements a workplace policy on use of alcohol and drug abuse, undertakes surveys to establish prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse and carry out an employer assistance programme focusing on early identification, treatment and rehabilitation of staff and students with substance user disorder.
Among regulations that the ADA prevention unit ensures adherence includes prohibition of selling, advertising and drinking of alcohol as well as use, possession and distribution of drugs and controlled substances within the university premises by both students and staff members. The ADA unit implements this policy through a number of activities. Such includes sensitization talks, campaigns and seminars on effects of Alcohol, Drug & Substance Abuse (ADSA). These are implemented in collaboration with the National Authority for the Campaign against Drug Abuse (NACADA) who provides facilitators / speakers / trainers and bulk of the materials used for such campaigns.
Sensitization and campaigns carried out by the unit for each academic year includes talks on prevention of ADSA during matriculation / orientation week for freshmen and women, provision of information on guidance, counseling and referrals of addicted students and staff members to rehabilitation centers approved by NACADA, workshop on ADA SEKU policy to student leaders, seminar on the effects of ADSA on student learning and staff productivity, its prevention and / or management by NACADA, public march or walk (by students & staff) against ADSA within university vicinity, training on ADA for student peer educators and staff members involved student welfare (SWA) confidential monitoring, timely identification and referral to counseling and treatment and follow-ups of students & staff with drug and alcohol addiction.
All these are geared towards creating and maintaining a drug free, healthy and productive SEKU workforce and students.