Seku Culture Week

This university annual event is one of the most celebrated activities in the University. It is a longtime favorite among the students community. The global pandemic brought almost all the University activities to a standstill and we are glad that the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic is almost a thing of the past.
The theme of this year’s Culture Week is ‘Our culture, our identity, our pride. This theme emphasizes on the need to appreciate and promote talents and skills among our students’ individual cultures. These skills are reflected through diverse performances such as traditional and modern dances, poetry, narratives, skits and the catwalk.
This week is a very important part of our university because we get to see outstanding personalities and performances from our students and we are delighted to see what they offer after such a long break. The Culture Week encourages inclusive, equitable and vibrant participation by communities in different sectors.
The culmination of the Culture Week is the Gala Night and Award Ceremony where crowning of Mr and Miss SEKU happened, which is a favourite among the students.

09 May 2024
04 October 2023
30 March 2023
16 March 2023
17 February 2023