Seku Receives Laboratory Equipment

In a significant stride towards the advancement of medical research and education, Dr. Caroline Mangare, a distinguished academic at South Eastern Kenya University, has played a pivotal role in securing vital laboratory equipment through a grant provided by The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). The equipment, crucial for various aspects of medical research and diagnosis, was acquired through a competitive bidding process by Chemoquip limited, the renowned company that successfully clinched the bid and facilitated the delivery of this cutting-edge equipment to our university.
The valuable equipment was officially received by the University's management and representatives from the School of Health Sciences including the Dean, Chair department of MLS and TWAS awardee Dr. Caroline Mangare.
Dr. Mangare is not only a respected academic but also a TWAS awardee, a testament to her excellence in the field of medical research. Her unwavering commitment to furthering scientific knowledge has been a driving force behind this achievement.
These laboratory instruments will primarily benefit the School of Health Sciences, particularly the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences. Their arrival heralds a new era of research capabilities and laboratory training. To ensure the effective utilization and maintenance of this equipment, the technical staff at the university will undergo comprehensive training provided by Chemoquip. This training will empower our team to harness the full potential of these tools, fostering a culture of innovation and precision in our research endeavors.
We would like to extend our gratitude to TWAS-UNESCO, Dr. Caroline Mangare, and the entire university community for this remarkable achievement. With this new equipment in place, we are poised to make significant contributions to medical research and education, both locally and globally.
Dr. Mangare's leadership and commitment to scientific excellence continue to inspire us, and we eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking discoveries and innovations that will emerge from this milestone in our journey of knowledge and discovery.

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