Resolution of public complaints unit

South Eastern Kenya University has established the public complaints unit whose core function is ensuring timely and efficient resolution of complaints that may emanate from the various service point within the institution. The resolution of complaint committee laisse with the different departments in the university to ensure that any complaints that may arise are resolved in a timely manner. The committee is under the chairmanship of the Deputy Vice chancellor-AHRM and its membership is drawn from the different departments and sections of the university.
In discharging it mandate the unit follows guideline as indicated by the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) which was a successor to the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission (KNHREC). The commission is mandated to enforce administrative justice in the public sector by addressing maladministration through effective complaints handling and alternative dispute resolution, promoting good governance and efficient public service delivery by enforcing the right to fair administrative action and by investigating abuse of power. The commission performs an oversight role across the public sector as a check on processes, systems and procedures involved in service delivery. It plays a critical role in the process of implementing performance contract in the public service by monitoring an indicator, resolution of public complaints.
We are pleased to inform you that in case of any complaints they may be channeled through complaints registers located at the various service points within the university or through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Ken Mburu - Coordinator

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