Barclays scholarship workshop

We were privileged to host the second annual Barclays Scholarship Mentor ship sessions. The Scholarship scheme sponsors a number of students each academic year in three institutions, South Eastern Kenya University, Machakos University and Scott Christian University.

The Sponsorship Scheme was established three years ago and has seed a number of students study and graduate. Beneficiaries of the sponsorship from the three institutions joined other students and staff during the workshop.

Barclays Banks works in collaboration with Elevator Education which facilitates the training. The vibrant facilitator, Edward Jacobs mentioned that the objective of the mentor ship programme is to equip the students with the necessary skills to continue doing well in school and to improve the caliber of students graduating.

The facilitator largely focused of ways of saving time for the students and reducing their work load for better results. He emphasized that the sessions are also an important tool of gathering feedback from the students on how best to improve the scheme and to also prepare them for the work environment after graduation.