Directorate of Strategy Quality and Performance Management

Performance Contracting was introduced in Kenya’s public sector in 1991 as a tool for improving service delivery. The annual performance contracts are structured to align with the Kenya Vision 2030, Medium Term Plans, institutions strategic plan and annual work plan.

SEKU has complied with the requirement of signing performance contracts with the parent ministry since 2008. During the last performance contract evaluation for financial year 2014/2015, the university achieved a composite score of 2.036 which is an excellent performance according to the Performance Contracting rating, thus putting SEKU among the best state corporations.

The current contract has factored in some of the constitutional requirement such as national cohesion and integration, leadership and integrity. The performance contract has enabled the university to effectively execute its mandate and meet customer requirements.
The Directorate, with a secretarial of three officers, is also charged with the responsibility of installing, maintaining and improving the quality systems within the university. The University attained the ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification in November, 2014, which it continues to maintain through surveillance audits conducted by Kenya Bureau of Standards and internal audits.