Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance

Prof. Peter G. Njuru, Director (AQA)

In general terms, Quality Assurance (QA) can be defined as a systematic process that ensures the quality and reliability of a product or service; and involves creating and implementing processes, standards, and procedures to identify and correct any defects or deviations from the desired outcome. Academic Quality Assurance (AQA) therefore, refers to the processes and practices that ensure the quality and standards of teaching, learning, assessment, and research within the academic environment in an institution.
The Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance is one of the directorates in SEKU and its core mandate is to oversee the development, implementation and review of relevant policies, procedures and regulations for academic quality assurance in the university. The strategic objectives of the directorate are:

  1. To validate/verify new academic programmes as per academic quality assurance regulations;
  2. To facilitate the review of all academic programmes in line with set standards and requirements;
  3. To continuously monitor the quality of teaching at delivery points;
  4. To annually conduct quality audit of all Campuses;
  5. To facilitate self-assessment of all academic programmes.