Effects of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse on staff productivity and student learning

Alice Mwangi and Eric Mogire, Public Education and Advocacy Officers from the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) visited our staff and students and offered an insightful lecture on theeffects of alcohol and drug abuse.
It is important to note that drug abuse can affect anyone and is very widespread and transcends racial, ethnic, political, social and economic boundaries. The lecture gave a basis on why the workplace should respond to alcohol and other drug issues because such things lead to among others, low productivity and staff turnover at the end of the day.
The case is no different for the students because they end up missing classes and eventually missing the examinations, engaging in irresponsible sexual behavior among many other vices. We are encouraged to be our brother’s keepers and watch out for each other.
Also highlighted during the lecture were the short and long term effects of drug abuse and the five stages of addiction to look out for namely; Experimental, social, instrumental, habitual and compulsive stages.

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